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Latest Restoration Work – Peeling Back the Layers

Before Here’s some of the guy’s recent historic restoration handiwork.  The first is a picture of the “remodeled” western side of the house addition at 98 13th Street.  Previous owners added aluminum siding sometime in the 70s.  They replaced that along with windows during the peak of the energy crisis.  In trying to save money […]

Historic Restoration at Old Economy

Greetings Thanks for visiting with us.  I would assume in reading this you are at least curious of what’s going on in Old Economy, or that you may have a more serious interest in rehabbing a house or how that differs from a historic restoration, or the neighborhood around Old Economy. No matter your level of […]

Harvest and the Garden Gate

Well, we’re finished with the restoration of the Samual A Heslet House.  No, not really.  But it feels good to know that we’re down to just fine tuning our log house.  This week we worked on the garden fence and gate, some interior storage and plumbing and or course, gardening. The garden is beautiful right […]

A simple question

Usually, the conversation starts like this, “I want to do my house just like you did, so how do you…?”, and on they go from there asking what appears to be a reasonable question, but not knowing the real cost to the answer. Over 30 years of acquired knowledge in restoring Harmonist structures should be […]

Hey, whatcha doing up there?

No matter your approach to restoring a historic house, whether you take a do-it-yourself, or a contract-it-out, time-versus-money decision, you are going to end up on a ladder.  Just accept it, ladders are in your future.  Yes, there are exceptions.  All of us have some sort of limitation, whether imagined or real, that we have […]