Local Attractions

The Borough of Ambridge is 1.7 sq. mi. and located in southwestern Pennsylvania on the east side of the Ohio River, 16 miles northwest of Pittsburgh, both offering great local attractions.

Ambridge was established as a Borough in 1905 after the American Bridge Company purchased the land from the Harmonist Society, which had settled the area in 1824 as “Oekonomie” or Economy. The name Ambridge was derived from American Bridge, the company that founded it. The Harmonists built three villages – Harmony (Their first one which is nearby), New Harmony ( Their second home; in the state of Indiana) and Economy.

Today Ambridge is home to Old Economy Village, the last home of the Harmonists.

Old Economy has many preserved Harmonist buildings and a museum dedicated to the Harmonists and their way of life. Old Economy is also a National Historic Landmark.

There are three historic districts that encompass the original village.

  • The Economy National Historic Landmark (the most important structures) which includes the State site and some buildings outside the fence.
  • The remainder of historic houses not listed are a part of the Economy National Historic District.
  • All of them are in the original village footprint and that is designated by Ambridge as the Ambridge Historic District.

The Heslet House is close to many of Western Pennsylvania’s popular attractions and destinations. We hope these links will be helpful to you.

Old Economy Events


The Annual Wine & Chocolate Walk


Plant Swap


Quilt Sale


Old Economy Summerfest


Wine Tasting Fundraiser / Erntefest at the Village


OctoberFest at the Village


Christmas in the Village
Annual Christmas Dinner in the Village Feast Hall
Christmas on Merchant Street